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  • I don’t know peace until I smoke my tree
    I don’t know pain until I earn and gain
    I don’t know trouble until everyday
    I’m in and out of it
    like an outfit.
    But I can’t change
    up my out fit
    I’m built like this
    You built like that
    Some niggas smoke weed
    Some niggas do crack
    Some niggas play ball
    And other niggas rap
    I try to stop saying nigga
    For the educated black
    And all the church folk
    Who listen to my raps
    I’m just talkin really
    Not sayin much
    Still saying a bunch
    Creativity running out
    Or I’m running away
    Running out of shit to say
    Is rap really for me?
    Or should I stop and pray
    What you got to say?
    Heavenly Father
    I bet you wish you had a daughter
    Or just a better son
    I’ll try to be a better one
    Stacking up my one hundred dollar checks
    Is not moving me next
    It makes me want to ring my neck
    Maybe it’s not about the money
    Now I’m talking funny
    But maybe it’s really not
    What if I can touch somebody heart
    Like an open heart surgeon
    Give me a sign that’s it’s working
    This girl I’m talking to said I’m a good person
    I told her I’m learning
    Cause I don’t know for certain
    Maybe if we draw back the curtain
    You’ll see I’m still working and rehearsing

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  • Random day writing shit about nothing.

    I’m just gonna write this time. Whatever’s on my mind. It hurts.. Thinking. Am I stressing? Maybe. Maybe thinking about how little I really am doing and how much more I can be doing is stressing. I shouldn’t be stressed. I’m blessed. Everyday happy to be alive. I think I’m dying. Inside my body feels weird from my head to my feet. I get so paranoid now. I think something’s wrong or not wrong with me. Damn I need help.. Nah I got it. I can build my own bridges and climb right over.
    It’s colder than it used to be. I’m not even used to me. I don’t even think I know me. I might of found myself. I’m a loser. I think. Everybody else thinks I get along so great with other people. I hate people. Rude, impolite, impulsive, self centered, human race.
    This is going somewhere I don’t want it to go so stop.

  • Aight let me kick it on some real shit shorty
    Okay you smoke a little but can you handle a fourty
    Your on me like you want me but you don’t own me
    owe you a couple years cause you real enough for me
    You my homie first
    Best friend
    Ride or fly high wit me
    You can be my piece
    Click clack 9 wit me
    If I ain’t had nothin I got ya time with me
    I feel like I won I got a trophy with me

    Diamond in some red dirt
    I found you there first
    I compliment you like a cute purse
    Bitch bad but I don’t want that
    Lady good like in church
    Woman better but I learned not to sweat her

    Unless it’s on accident
    I ain’t fall in love none I must have tripped
    But I can go back to old ways real quick
    If you don’t know how to handle this dick

    I found you when I was
    Kicked out and had to go live with my uncle and all his kids now
    Girl back home but she like to trip now
    Put her in the past
    So what we got now?

    You never needed friends
    You ain’t needed no one but ya self in the end
    And that’s why ima always love you
    till the end

    So Dear Ms. Carmela skin
    I didn’t mean to fall for ya but I did
    You is like an officer
    I’m a-arrested
    I want to talk to you but as stubborn as we is
    Ima just talk to my new thing
    But you got me laced up like my shoe lace
    That’s tight baby
    All night baby
    Gott damn pussy game alright baby
    Never gave head? All good don’t bite baby
    Tap out dick, don’t quit, better fight baby

    Okay I’m off that
    I want to see where your heart at
    See how long this distance keep you at a distance
    I want to talk to you everyday even if it’s arguing
    But you a mystery you don’t do much talkin
    Aight then to the beach now we talkin
    Tryin to forget about you
    But it’s often that I smoke and think about you
    Who told you you could be so beautiful
    Whole lot of girls but only one of you
    Whole lot of hoes but my heart filled with you
    True I miss you like a bad pass
    And I dropped the blunt on the damn grass
    Ohh don’t that shit make you so mad
    Now I gotta dust off the dirt
    Damn this shit hurt

    Yes I just compare you to some Mary Jane?
    Prolly cause you and Mary Jane ease the pain
    So good chance you could get smoked everyday