We only stay real.

You love me
Even though im ugly, you hug me
You runnin game with me but you don’t run me
You was day one with me
Aint take a day from me
You knew me back when
You knew my napps stayed scruffy
Stayin bummy on the 41- talkin dumb
Hit the mini shop- steal a pack of gum, muffin, and a 40 oz
Now we got to run and bounce
Smoke up at my niggas house- then
We freestyle for about one hour then I’m out
Gotta go to work late
Minimum wage stressin
Bought a pack of hope and smoked all they blessings
Feel like thats the antedote for all todays guessin
I dont wanna go home cause my mom staaaay talkin that shit to me
“Where u been, who you wit?” .. shit to me
“Why you always smellin like some shit to me?”
Literally just got dropped from a hot-box
After work I was getting top from a top notch
Then my bruh bruh hit me up like “what you doin?
We sippin stuff!”

I knew you was gone say no so i just didn’t tell you nothin..

Now i aint say all that or nothin
Told her i was just wit my bruh
Then she punched me in the chest but
She aint low my high or nothin
She say “Boy, now I just want the best for ya..
You know the lord just testin ya.
Read roman 8:28 and God take care the rest for ya!”
I keep my hoodlums with me
If you good then they gone mess with ya
Understand.. I’m tryna be the man and not the messenger..

You know the motto
Family today, same thing tomorrow
Live for today, die for tomorrow
Aint nothin changed
And that right there thats why I fuck wit you

Mar 8
Love me
Mar 8
Mar 3

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Happu birthday to me
Mar 2

Happu birthday to me

"Always gon’ be like this"

- OmT

Mar 2

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Mar 2
Black with no apologizes.

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Mar 2
Reblog if your Tumblr picture is actually you.
Mar 2
Mar 2
Mar 2
Mar 2

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Mar 2

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Feb 27

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